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Functional Reflex Therapy Framework

Functional Reflex Therapy

This is a Reflexology based therapy designed specifically for adults & children with learning disabilities; autism; neurological conditions; complex needs & high levels of stress & anxiety. Having trained with Lorraine Senior who originally founded the therapy I offer this to individuals with the aim of

  • Encouraging & enabling relaxation
  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • Improving mood
  • Supporting overall physical & emotional wellbeing
  • Teaching self help skills to sooth & be calm
  • Facilitating positive interaction

The therapy is very relaxing and can be delivered either on the hands or feet dependent on the individual’s preference. It offers a structured approach that is unique in its delivery as the repetitive nature of the routine is very soothing & reassuring to the recipient and will not overload their senses. The Functional Reflex Therapy Toolkit can be individualised to help support communication before & during the therapy session.

Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Routine is currently used in schools; colleges; care setting & supported living services across the UK delivered by Reflexologists who have undertaken additional training.

Functional Reflex Therapy Rainbow Relaxation Workshops

Functional Reflex Therapy workshops

Are you a parent, carer or family member who would like to learn the life long skill of giving a short relaxation routine to someone? This lovely ’positive touch‘ routine can be taught to you on a 1:1 basis or in a small group. Each movement within the routine is named to encourage a focus on a particular part on the body using the colours of the rainbow to ensure that this simple routine is easily remembered.

The workshops are split into two 3 hourly sessions which cover -

  • Background to Reflexology (overview only) & FRT
  • Benefits of positive touch relaxation techniques
  • Practical skills to deliver the routine to hands & feet
  • How to develop a useful toolkit to support the sessions
  • Best practice around considering the 6 C’s
  • Practical time to share experiences & ideas

If you would like further information about the origins of Functional Reflex Therapy please visit

Please contact me to book an individual session or discuss your requirements around running a workshop.

Functional Reflex Therapy rainbow relaxation workshops for all the family

Functional Reflex Therapy rainbow relaxation workshops for all the family

Opening times:

business opening times

Monday - Friday

9am - 4pm

Evenings/weekends by appointment


“ Jo's treatment room is perfect! A peaceful haven & escape from the world”

“ Immediately after treatment I feel totally relaxed & rested - ready to tackle the rest of the week!”

“ Jo has a very natural & relaxing manner. I've had Reflexology in the past but the experience wasn't as enjoyable or as beneficial. She is a very knowledgeable & supportive”

“ I am definitely less anxious since having Reflexology treatments with Jo. It really helps me feel calmer & lifts my mood”

“ My migraine's have drastically improved & the frequency of them has reduced!”

“ The tightness in my Jaw has improved with each session. It is much more bearable now!!”



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Cancellation Policy

I work on the basis of mutual trust & in the unlikely event I have to cancel your treatment I will give you as much notice as possible. I trust that you will do the same & require a minimum of 24 hours notice for the cancellation of any appointment to allow time for this to be rebooked.

A charge may be incurred for ’no show‘ appointments.

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Compliments and Complaints Procedure

Jo Salomon Reflexology withholds the right to use feedback from clients with their permission within marketing such as social media & website material. Jo Salomon Reflexology will endeavour to respond to any complaint within 24 hours. A full copy of the complaints procedure is available on request.

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If you have a health concern or medical condition we recommend you seek advice from your GP or other healthcare provider at the earliest opportunity.

Jo Salomon Reflexology does NOT claim to cure or diagnose any medical condition.

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© Jo Salomon Reflexology | all Rights Reserved